Hanging Horn Restaurant

  • Fine dining overlooking The Little Hanging Horn Lake. Reservations are encouraged.218-389-6162.

Farmer's Market

  • Every Saturday, we invite local growers, artists and craftsmen out to The Village for a good old fashioned market. We're delighted to be entering our 2nd season and hope you'll support your local vendors by stopping by to check out the new wares.

Calendar of Events

  • Farmer's Market
    Noon-3pm. Every Saturday through October 18, 2008
  • Harvest Noon Concert Series
    Noon-3pm. Every Saturday through October 18, 2008
  • Summer Solstice "Dinner and a Show"
    Saturday, June 21 7-11pm Admission: $10 Call for reservations.

Agate Picking

  • After dinner, before you go about your way, we invite you to take a leisurely stroll around The Village loop. When the sun is heavy and hanging low, the agates will start to glow. Best not to describe it any more, you'll know it when you see it...A token of good wishes to take with you from The Village.

Where are we?

  • You'll find us at 3676 Music Camp Road, Moose Lake MN. 218-389-6162

Music Camp Pix

  • Correll Family
    These are pictures of the former Arrowhead Music Camp. We are hoping that others will help us to find more.

Farmer's Market Pix

  • Produce
    Fun pictures taken at the Farmer's Market. We haven't had a chance to load all of these yet.

Wedding Album

  • Music Hall
    We'll be adding more pix here!

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June 06, 2008


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